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UCAN Sports Pty Ltd was founded in 1988 by brothers Dayu and Daxin Zhao in Guangzhou, China. It is their mission to inspire generations of motivated, athletic individuals to come.

“U-CAN Goal With Me.”

Our motto encapsulates the spirit of the football player on the field. The combination of exhilaration, energy and motivation rushing through their body, the pinpoint focus, the tunnel vision, of the goal. Like a mirror to the football field, the qualities of teamwork, striving for goals and pure determination is put on a pedestal by UCAN.

Zhao Brothers

UCAN Sports Pty Ltd was founded in 1988 by brothers Daxin Zhao, the current chairman of the company, and Dayu Zhao, the famous ‘Dwarf Tiger’ in Chinese football.

Due to the influence and training of their father, the two brothers became quickly attached to football from a very young age.

Among them, the elder brother Dayu is well known for his football skills. He proudly wore the Chinese national team jersey and scored the winning goal against Argentina in the 1984 Asia Cup. His younger brother, Daxin, is a talented businessman and has since built UCAN from a local football brand in Guangdong to a world-renowned sports brand.

Ucan History

Brand Creation

First shop opened in Guangzhou by the Zhao brothers.1988

Rising Reputation in Sporting World

Partnered with Shenyang Sea Lions FC. This marked the first of many Top League team partners. Since then, UCAN has been working closely with over 100 football clubs all around the world.

View Gallery1993

Became an official partner

Partnered with Team China in Japan and South Korea at the 2002 World Cup. Signatures of the full team on the jersey, including that of the famous Bora Milutinović, were sublimated and redistributed to capture and share this monumental event.

This simultaneously marked one of the first times sublimation technology was used in football apparel. One of the happiest moments in Chinese football history was shared with fans worldwide.

UCAN also became an official partner of China’s legendary National Women’s Volleyball Team, and importantly, the Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race. This propelled UCAN’s exploration and expansion in the fields of other sports.

View Gallery2002

Official apparel partner

Official apparel partner with Macau sports team participating in the 15th Doha Asian Games.


Became the designated clothing brand

Became the designated clothing brand for the Youth Academy Football League, certified by the Chinese Football Association.

This began UCAN’s passion to work with local football clubs and academies with the objective of bringing young communities together through the magic of football.

Shortly after, UCAN started running the annual UCAN Cup to provide an extra gaming opportunity and a communal platform for local clubs and academies across China. Over the years, UCAN has held events and donated to charities encouraging disadvantaged children’s participation in the fun of sports.


UCAN partners with the Blossom Marathon Run in South Korea.

UCAN partners with the Blossom Marathon Run in South Korea. Marking UCAN’s first milestone of a marathon sponsorship, we have since continued to explore and expand our running series.


Established UCAN Australia

Partnered with A-League giants Adelaide United FC. UCAN Australia develops significantly and expands to many local clubs.


Tokyo Paralympic Games

Tokyo Paralympic Games; China representative team for goalball.

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